Collecting  Political  Buttons  &  Campaign  Memorabilia

The Hobby

Collecting political buttons and political campaign memorabilia has been my hobby since 1987. Buying, selling, and trading items to add to the collection has been a great way to meet other collectors.

Political Cartoons
From the Public Domain

About This Site

Welcome to! This site has several purposes:

  • Provide an opportunity for the displaying of my personal collection
  • Provide a place for collectors to make purchases for their own collections
  • Serve as a reference site
  • Offer opportunities for fun activities

Some collectors of political memorabilia collect items for specific candidates while others may collect for a specific campaign year. Others might concentrate on collecting 3-D items or works of folk art.

Some collectors might prefer ribbons over buttons, or posters rather than postcards. But, the bottom line is we collect because of the pure enjoyment derived from finding that next addition to our collection and for the love of preserving our American political items for the future generations of collectors and history buffs.


Listed below are items I am seeking for American presidential campaigns from 1789 to present.

•  buttons
•  pins
•  ribbons
•  posters
•  folk art
•  decals/stickers
•  paper items
•  3-D pieces